Infrared Thermal-Imaging Services

Infrared thermal-imaging surveys of buildings, roofing and electrical systems have saved our client’s money on repairs and utility bills. Using the latest in thermal-imaging technology we assist businesses and property owners throughout not only North and South Carolina, but across the United States and around the globe as well.

We Can Help
Many building, electrical, roofing and moisture problems are invisible to the naked eye and can be overlooked during a conventional inspection. Our infrared surveys offer a unique non-invasive and non-destructive means of diagnosing many problems such as moisture damage, energy loss, electrical problems, and mechanical problems.

We create comprehensive and detailed reports using infrared thermal imaging that have helped our clients:
-Receive the most out of their capital expenses allocated for yearly building maintenance costs.
-Check the performance of building, roofing and electrical systems before warranties expire.
-Accurately determine repair or replace decisions.
-Perform energy loss surveys.
-Decrease operating costs which will Increase profit margins.

We Have The Training
Our method of non-destructive testing requires both skill and knowledge to accurately interpret the information gathered. Quality results require quality equipment. Our thermographers use the latest FLIR thermal imagers with high thermal-sensitivity and spatial resolution. Many companies purchase a thermal imaging camera but neglect to invest in the necessary training. Thermal imaging is not a "point and shoot" technology. The ability to accurately take and interpret infrared images is dependent upon the training of the technician for the application to which it is being applied. Not all applications are the same. An infrared technician needs to receive training in not only basic thermography, but building science as well as application specific thermography (roofing, CMU blockwall, electrical, moisture)

The thermographers at Sandhills Thermal Imaging have been trained by the Infraspection Institute to a Level-3 certification standard as well as receiving additional application-specific training from FLIR’s Infrared Training Center and United Infrared. We can provide you with the answers you need in order to make informed decisions about your property. 

Infraspection Institute Certified Level-3 Infrared Thermographers®

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