Product Sales Division

Sandhills Thermal Imaging is an Authorized Manufactures Representative for many of todays leading thermal imaging equipment, building-performance evaluation products, electrical-safety clothing and Personal Protective Equipment.
To schedule a demonstration at your facility or to talk further with a company representative, do not hesitate to contact our office or email us at or call our office at (910) 835-1306.

Infrared Cameras

We offer a wide selection of thermal imagers and thermal imaging camera systems. We have imagers from Flir, Fluke, Mikron, Palmer/Wahl and Keystone. We will help you select the right imager for your specific needs. We use thermal imaging technologies every day, and won't sell you an imager that we wouldn't use for the required application. We are your central source for low cost/high quality infrared cameras, thermal imagers and thermal imaging camera systems! 


The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Blower Door and Door Fan Test Equipment. Retrotec equipment is used around the world by demanding professionals to conduct energy audits, large building leakage tests, duct leakage tests and clean agent integrity tests. Sandhills Thermal Imaging is an authorized Manufacture Representative for Retrotec.

IRISS Infrared Windows

Increase the safety of your employees and contractors conducting inspection surveys and other PM/PdM tasks. The use of IR windows has the addition benefit of significantly increasing efficiency while reducing survey times. We provide the full line of IRISS products, the "gold standard" in infrared windows.


New and exciting products coming soon:

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