Locate Building Problems With Thermal Imaging

A thermal imaging survey is an effective way of determining the water tightness of your building’s exterior walls. What looks good on the surface could look very ugly below the wall surface. Water can seriously damage your building's wall framing. In some cases owners would have to replace complete wall sections due to structural damage. Thermal imaging surveys along with water spray racks and pressure tests can quickly determine the quality of your building's walls or locate a small issue before it results in a very large problem.

Infrared thermal imaging can be combined with a blower door to to measure the performance of the building envelope as well as finding areas of missing insulation and air infiltration. All building air-leakage testing is performed in compliance with the internationally recognized guidelines and standards set by ASTM E-779-10 and ASTM 1827.

Our building infrared surveys can:
-Detect missing or improperly installed wall insulation
-Trace or locate moisture in wall systems
-Find improperly installed window (which allows water to enter the wall system)
-Locate improperly installed or missing wall flashings
-Accurately determine repair or replace decisions
-Verify if wall repairs have been properly completed

Whether you need to restore property from moisture, mold, or fire damage, you know the value of having comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips. Contractors & insurance companies need information fast to start restoration work. You, our client, need information so you can make accurate decisions and get your property restored correctly while saving both time and money. 


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